学术, spiritual and personal development you will experience during your time at SMWC can be described using the very nature of these Woods: a small acorn growing into a mighty oak tree. 

Our community celebrates the past and nurtures our bright future through unique, 长期以来的传统. With activities such as our whimsical 民谣歌唱大会 or the moving Ring Ceremony, you’ll develop a bond with fellow students and create memories to last a lifetime.



The 圣玛丽森林学院 ring is an enduring symbol that binds our proud traditions to the individual student’s memorable educational experience.  颁发给合格的学生期间备受期待的, 环天, 这枚戒指是学院最具辨识度的标志. 它不仅仅是一件珠宝. It honors academic success and sacrifice while demonstrating the pride and loyalty we all share. There’s amazing value to being able to look someone in the eye with a Woods ring upon his/her finger knowing that you both hold a special place in your hearts for The Woods.


It is the reassuring sense of peace and belonging that is often felt when entering the main gate and driving on 大道. It is that voice within that whispers to your spirit and says… “you’re home.“这种感觉你在其他任何地方都找不到.


在秋季学期开始的时候, 学长们组织这个仪式来欢迎新生来到校园. 我们聚集在卢尔德圣母的石窟, 高年级学生送给新生一颗橡子,并分享有关森林的故事. The name of the ceremony is inspired by the beautiful campus setting — with acorns and oak trees all around.


Considering that the indescribable magic and quiet assurance of The Woods are two of its most enduring and cherished characteristics, it is only fitting that we have a poignant and secretive rite-of-passage ceremony to properly express them. 橡树叶庆典 is a tradition between faculty and the senior class. 在这次纪念活动中, 高年级学生被选入校友会, 通过转动他们的戒指. This is an eloquent symbol of growing from an acorn into an oak tree.


城堡内的骄傲 is the spirit of competition, individuality and teamwork. It means never standing idle on the sidelines, but leading the charge with enthusiasm. 它是创造新方向的力量, 拓展界限,创造每一种体验, 成功或失败, 添加到你的角色中. 波默罗伊骄傲意味着超越你自己的期望. 为纪念玛丽·约瑟夫·波默罗伊而命名, SP, ’21, 受人珍视的SMWC校友和员工, 城堡内的骄傲 ignites Woods students and alums with the passion to aim for higher standards on every path in life.


The Woods has a long history of firsts and breakthroughs in college education, yet campus-life staples like a fight song and a team mascot went unfulfilled for nearly 180 years. Now, we have an anthem that will help us celebrate the meaning of 城堡内的骄傲 for years to come. The College debuted the fight song during the inaugural men’s basketball game on Oct. 30, 2021. 在这里阅读更多关于歌曲创作的过程.


这是波默罗伊精神的完美展示. A hometown rivalry winter basketball game between SMWC and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 这项一年一度的比赛为伍兹赢得了13座奖杯.  This game is proof of the Pomeroys’ athleticism and unshakable pride.


期末周的序幕是午夜早餐. 教师 and staff cook and serve the students a scrumptious breakfast.  This fun activity shows the students just how supportive the faculty and staff is of their academic success.


随着指环节的临近, SMWC juniors gather around a table in O’Shaughnessy Dining Hall and pound on it while chanting a countdown to the big day. 在房间里, each Pomeroy who has already earned the ring stands on a chair holding his/her hand high, 骄傲地展示戒指. This 指环节狂欢 tradition is one way that students show their excitement for the upcoming ceremony.


顾名思义,这是一个通过歌曲来庆祝的节日.  Each year in the fall, a book of songs is passed down to the junior class.  The new class creates original songs to put in this decades-old book, 并表演新歌和老歌.  这些歌是波默罗伊家族梦寐以求的秘密. This experience will show you what it feels like to be connected to the past, 同时也为未来创造一些特别的东西.


每学期, a group of 15 or so students and three chaperones volunteer their time in various parts of the country and abroad in an effort to give back.  过去的旅行包括在彭萨科拉进行环境工作, 佛罗里达, 为阿巴拉契亚地区的居民提供房屋维修, praying with the residents and exploring the culture of the Dominican Republic and working with young children at the Head Start program in New Orleans.


Proof that all Pomeroys are much more than a name is the 大/小 tradition. 通过这种繁荣的习俗, first-year students are taken under the wing of a member of the upperclassmen (their Big). First-year students are taught the values and traditions of the College and guided through the ways of the Woods. This mentorship gives new students a sense of empowerment, community and pride. Bigs are traditionally revealed to their Littles either on the marble stairs of Le Fer Hall or in a creative way produced by the Big. 而大/小程序是一个传统, 每个学生都可以决定他/她是否想参加.


想象一下这个热闹的传统, picture in your mind’s eye Paul Revere riding in to town on his galloping horse, 想象一下,他听到了这个好消息. 马术假期骑行在期末考试前的学习日进行, and it involves senior equine students and some of our staff riding on horseback, 从一栋楼到另一栋楼, 唱圣诞颂歌. 它一大早就开始了, when the seniors go pick their horses and decorate them in holiday décor. 这种独特的传统孕育了广泛的欢乐和节日精神, as well as bringing a contagious feeling of excitement to The Woods — not to mention easing some of the stress of finals week.


对于在国外学习的圣玛丽森林学院的学生, the ring serves as reminder of the life-changing experiences they had in a foreign land. 面向国际学生, it is a ring that represents the culmination of the journey at The Woods and life in America. These groups of students are presented with these rings during 国际环 Day, 哪些课程在春季学期进行.